Global Ambassadors to partner the cause with us.

If you want to make a difference, we want to talk to you?  "We" call it a circle economy a closed-loop process or closed-loop recycling process. These industry terms are simply about the responsibility of the user to the end-user to the user again. Horizon 880 using the HPAB process discovered the most efficient way to take a waste stream and repurpose everything wasting nothing within its process. We talk here about the service cycle of Haulers picking up stall residuals *( the waste stream) which is wet wood shavings, manure, hay, and grass. That is processed at our state of the art facility, and we distribute it back to the Farms that the stall residuals came from. We are looking for local Floridian ambassadors to partner with us.


We remove equine stall residuals from covered stalls and bring them to the Recycling Facility for processing.


Sorted. Cleaned. Pathogen-free process without using chemicals or polymers to create a hypoallergenic shaving.


The reclaimed Shavings are packed and shipped back to the barns in a closed loop process, with the fully separated manure used as fuel or compost


Saving money

By buying local, processing local, we can create a better buying cycle for haulers, and tack shop, and buying direct the horse owners can save money too.

It is about relationships

Our staff meet with council, farmers, and individuals that have a passion for horses and the environment. If this is you and have any concerns or simply want to learn more - we want to start the conversation.


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