Our Approach

Horizon880 in partnership with HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp (HPAB Process (c) 2018)  is intent on becoming the first to repurpose stall residuals to overcome the challenges of the equine waste build up in Florida.

HPAB Story

Using age-old proven methods with new efficient organic technologies we are creating a Flagship solution to the age-old problem of too much manure, nutrient leaching, and phosphorous overloading.

Purpose of the Florida Plan

To repurpose stall residuals in the local region where there is a high populous of horses and humans living in close proximity and where it is home to the World WEF and high-end showgrounds. Based on Facility size the HPAB-5 can reclaim up to 59,000 tons stall residuals from within the city limits and core equine markets.  In a closed loop process, the bedding is hauled to the Facility from multiple local farm households, and equestrian centers. In addition, Showgrounds State Fair and other venues can haul stall residuals to the Facility reducing long hauling trips to designated transfer stations, reducing emissions and transportation costs. The stall residuals are re-purposed and returned as a high-quality hypo-allergenic recycled bedding, that is safer and healthier for horse and rider than the original stalled bedding due to the proprietary antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial antimold natural compound. The separated waste and small organic fines are further processed and resold. This business creates multiple revenue streams from hauling/tipping fees, recycled shavings sales, water sales, and other bi-product sales. The current alternatives to remove and dispose of stall residuals is burning or burying; creating emissions, leaching, algae blooms, and methane off-gassing. Optimal Facility land is 5 acres.

The Department of Agriculture estimates that 75% of farms dispose of waste in "unmanaged piles" on their farms often in sinkholes. Farms that have haulers removing their stall residuals rarely know where or how their waste is being disposed of.

Horizon 880 HPAB Summary

Horizon 880 with the HPAB process is changing the way horse stall residuals are being handled by implementing an advanced automated technology process that will revolutionize modern horse farms and County operations for improving waste management and environmental stewardship. The process re-purposes stall residuals into multiple new product streams. Also, this Facility will create organic bi-products while creating a constant hi-quality recycling horse bedding that is better than the original and is recycled in multiple cycles. The process © does not use chemicals, polymers or discharge unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere affecting our planet.


The Result:

An efficient use of resources, cost savings and a significant reduction of environmental hazards such as illegal or inadequate dumping, phosphorus overloading, creating algae blooms, and nutrients leaching into our soil and water. The Horizon 880 Facility will provide a cost-effective solution to the massive surplus of stall residual wood shavings while creating a sustainable business model for Counties and equestrian residents, that has been validated by early adopters, research and renowned engineers.

Next Steps...

We want to share how we are a risk mitigation to ag lands, crop growers, and to the next generation by being part of the solution to clean up the spent bedding from many high equine regions.