HiPoint Agro bedding Corp is creating a better bedding than other virgin shavings due to the HPAB process and infusion techniques to make a dust-free, hypoallergenic, antiviral, antibacterial, antimold absorbent recycled bedding that protects horse and rider’s health in a barn environment. We encourage you to watch the following three-minute video. Animal waste manure to clean recycled bedding.  Horizon 880 LLC is a Florida corp to develop the project. Visit HIPOINTBEDDING.COM to learn more.

Are you environmentally minded?

As we bring the Best Hypo-allergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium performance quality bedding to distinguished environmentally-minded equestrians.

To learn more about the process Hses at its State of the Art Facility in West Palm Beach (coming Q4  2020) head over to HiPointbedding.com to learn much more.

The HPAB process is a fully automated state of the art process to create an environmental shavings recycling Facility in Palm Beach County.

Equine Reycled Shavings

Equestrian stall residuals can reduce the cost of stall bedding for local Floridian residents. Recycling wood shaving bedding is better than the original and sent back to the stalls with the highest quality control of any bedding material. Using the circle economy to secure feedstock.

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Animal waste stream

Reducing inadequate dumping and waste build-up by turning animal manures into new revenues streams. Bioreactor creates Nutrient Fertilizers for reuse as organic farming. Mixed anaerobic digestion for Gas production and clean energy reuse.

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Nutrient Overloading

Reducing phosphorus and nitrogen overloading of our waterways and lands by removal and reuse. Focused on food safety nutrient organic farming and water scarcity. The lignin in wood ties up Nitrogen when spread making in unavailable to plants.

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EPR Tracking Hauling trucks

EPR is defined as reaching an environmental objective of decreasing the total environmental impact of waste. Creating local government proprietary tracking software solution for haulers using RFID GPS  Admin reporting & Accounting using secure blockchain algorithms.

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The Great State of Florida

Horizon 880 Corporation in Florida.


Current Office Horizon 88o LLC:

23800 CR 880. Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Our Floridian company is authorized and in good standing to transact business in the State of Florida, qualified since September 12, 2013, by State of Florida Department of State.


Leading excellence in Bedding Recovery Technology

We can change the way equine bedding is handled by implementing the advanced technology HPAB process that will become an integral part of modern County standards and horse farm operations. The Result. An efficient use of resources cost savings and reducing environmental hazards; such as illegal dumping, nutrient leaching, and phosphorus overloading into our soil and water.


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